Employers & Insurers

Employers and insurers benefit, too.

Employers and insurers benefit, too. Ellerca Health is focused on therapeutics that improve patient outcomes. But companies with employees who suffer from a chronic condition pay a high cost, too:

The average healthcare cost of a diabetic employee is $9,601 per year on medications, doctor visits and supplies

Employees with chronic conditions like diabetes also have a much higher rate of absenteeism and reduced productivity while at work

Similar statistics apply to other chronic health conditions like Crohn’s, Lyme disease, depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, and COPD

Ellerca Health’s digital therapeutics use the ease of use of an app, AI-enhanced analytics and one-on-one counseling from a certified coach to achieve better chronic condition management and reduce costs to an employer. In doing so, Ellerca Health reduces cost for an insurance company, too. Ready to learn how Ellerca Health’s digital therapeutic solutions can help you?